Buying jewellery is matter of trust!

Guarantee of authenticity
Buying jewellery is matter of trust! In Switzerland, precious metal products must bear the mark for a standard of fineness and a “mark of responsibility” which has been registered with the Central Office of Precious Metal Control. The company Tarnoki is registered at the Swiss Central Office of Precious Metal Control in CH-3003 Bern with the responsibility mark no. 22515. You will find our responsibility mark on the back of your guardian angel pendant, right next to the mark for the standard of fineness.

All pieces of jewellery from Tarnoki are solid and made solely out of precious metals such as silver, gold, white gold and platinum. Precision and the art of goldsmithery from Germany and Switzerland make the top-quality jewelled pendants from Tarnoki a treasure to be valued by generations to come. Every piece of jewellery from Tarnoki is exquisitely crafted. We produce our pendants exclusively in Switzerland in order to adhere to our stringent quality standards.

The customer is the focus point of Tarnoki's business. By selling our exclusive products through our Online Shop we are accommodating current consumer trends and the demands of our customers.