Guardian Angel pendant 750 white gold polished with pavé-set brillants

The brilliance of precious, pavé-set diamonds distinguishes the noblest variant of the Tarnoki guardian angel interpretation. Read Full Description.

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With its lovely brilliance, white gold is very popular. For our white gold guardian angels, we use a nickel-free alloy with a large proportion of palladium, which ensures a classy, subtle shade of colour. The purity of gold is historically specified in carats. 24 carats are the equivalent of pure gold or fine gold. The “750” number stamped in a Tarnoki guardian angel indicates that the piece of jewellery consists of 750 out of 1,000 parts by weight, or 75.0% of pure gold, which is the equivalent of 18 carats.

Diamonds that have a cut with 58 facets are referred to as brilliants: 32 facets on the crown, 24 on the pavilion plus the “table”, i.e. the large facet at the top of the crown, and the culet, the facet at the lower apex. The “brilliant cut” can be found most often in diamonds because it gives stones maximum luminance and the highest possible brilliance.

The term “pave” (French for plaster) describes a type of socket. The angel has a total of 14 brilliants, one of which is set in the head and 13 set closely together much like cobblestones, filling out the entire body. Thanks to this type of socket and the brilliant cut of diamonds, a surface is created with maximum reflections. The result is an impressive, all-over sparkle.

Every single brilliant in the Tarnoki guardian angel is elaborately set by the hand of a master gem-setter.

The “Swiss Made” seal of approval guarantees high-quality craftsmanship.

Additional Information

Jewelery certificate yes
Precious Metal 750/- 18K white gold
Surface polished
Dimensions 24x12mm
Diamonds brilliants 0.25ct tw/si

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  • Very satisfaid customer

    Review by Hans Christensen (Denmark) on 22 November 2016

    I have bought items 3 times, and allways been very happy with everything from quality, design and exellent service. A true partner you can trust, that deliveres every time.

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